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Cannabis Project
Proyecto de cultivo de cannabis medicinal en Colombia
Cannabis Project
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Cannabis Project

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The medicinal cannabis boom in Colombia began this year with greater force than the ended 2018 and, therefore, the news of the companies in the sector and the new investments don’t they stop at the national level.

With more than 230 licenses granted for the manufacture of cannabis derivatives, as for the use of seed for sowing, psychoactive and non-psychoactive cultivation, in more than 15 departments of the country, interest of knowing about the form of production and its Profitability is as broad as the information that has been generated.

In PS Consultores Operadores we have dedicated ourselves in the last 3 years, that is, from the issuance of the law to do legal and commercial studies and to know the dynamics in the international context of the treatment to which cannabis is subject in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, crafts, among others, that is why with knowledge we allow ourselves to offer our services for the management of a culture project and production of medicinal cannabis derivatives. Since we have come establishing contacts with international trade and participating in different fairs that have become common since the legalization of the use of cannabis throughout the world.

The geographic location for the development of the crop is a determining factor, as it is agroindustrial project, climatological factors play an important role as well as the properties of the soil, the distance of the purchase of inputs and the transportation cost of the product to the final consumer.