Palonegro I project
A project byps consultores operadores s.A.S

A project BYPS consultores operadores S.A.S

Palonegro I project

The formation of the Consortium Palonegro I between PS and a group of businessmen farmers in the region in Santander, will develop the licenses for the cultivation of psychoactive cannabis for medicinal purposes and non-psychoactive for medicinal and industrial purposes for the production of hemp and processing of derivatives in the laboratory of the Zona Franca de Occidente in Mosquera.



The Project Palonegro I is structured for its development in the municipality of Lebrija, Santander, 5 minutes from the airport of the city of Bucaramanga. It is currently licensed for the Cultivation of Psychoactive Cannabis and Manufacture of Derivatives, in an area of 9 hectares with the possibility of extension of these.

Why invest in our project?

Palonegro I

We have a license of Psychoactive Cultivation issued by the Ministry of Justice; a license of Manufacture of Derivatives of the Ministry of Health and we are registered in the National Fund of Narcotics with  (Resolution 526 of 2020 ).

Palonegro International Airport - Bucaramanga

Strategic location

Seed production

Grain production


Registration under the National Narcotics Fund (Resolution 526 of 2020)

Structured with a focus on corporate social and environmental responsibility that enables the economic and social development of the region